For a little bit of extra bling...

With our Heidelberg foiling press we will give your product the added sparkle to make it stand out from the rest. 
This is ideal for business cards, certificates, packaging, wedding invitations, presentation folders etc, basically anything you want people to look at and say "Wow!"
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There is just something quite elegant about it... 

Most commonly embossing is used as a design element to give the product a three dimensional feel. It is accomplished by applying heat and pressure with male and female polymers that fit together and squeeze the fibers of the paper. The combination of pressure and heat raises the level of the image higher. We do this on what is called a letterpress. 
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Soft Cover Bound Books

If you have written a book that you want to get produced then look no further!

We work together with you to bring your ideas to life. You supply the text and images, we will roll it all together into a perfectly structured book ready to jump onto retail shelves. Or if it is limited edition for your family that will be cherished for generations and will be a unique and unforgettable gift for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings!

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