There is just something quite elegant about it... 

Most commonly embossing is used as a design element to give the product a three dimensional feel. It is accomplished by applying heat and pressure with male and female polymers that fit together and squeeze the fibers of the paper. The combination of pressure and heat raises the level of the image higher. We do this on what is called a letterpress. 
Most types of paper can be embossed, and size is not usually a problem. Embossing an image so that it is raised but has not been printed, is called blind embossing. Debossing is similar to embossing, but indents the design rather than raising it. 
Embossing involves a separate stage in the production process. This means that another run is required after the printing and/or diecutting. Any quotes provided to you are priced accordingly. 

Inprint Graphics is one of the few places in Northland that does embossing.